As of 2015, salmon has become the most popular fish in the U.S., now surpassing tuna. This trend is driven by the fact Atlantic salmon is rich in protein and omega-3 healthy fats. It’s good for your health and it tastes delicious.

All Atlantic salmon are now raised via aquaculture as their wild stock has been drastically reduced. However, not all aquaculture is the same. DyneAquaculture has developed best in class processes all the way from egg to plate.


Redfish are quite popular in the southeastern coastal states. In particular, blackened redfish is a sought-after menu item first made famous by New Orleans celebrity chef Paul Prudhomme. So popular had redfish become by the late 1980s that the wild population crashed. Commercial fishing remains closed to this day. Fresh redfish are highly sought after by chefs because of their great taste, white flesh and ability to accommodate a variety of seasonings and cooking techniques. Redfish are also an excellent source of healthy protein. 


Fresh is king in the seafood business and it is not possible to buy fresher than at DyneAquaculture. Currently, over 90% of seafood, including Redfish and Atlantic salmon, are imported annually into the U.S., yet only 2% of imported fish is EVER inspected.

At DyneAquaculture, our fish are produced regionally across the U.S., enabling our fish to be fresh. We will become the new standard for freshness. This means our fish will have unsurpassed taste, superior nutrition, improved health benefits all while being great for the local community.


At DyneAquaculture, fish are raised in optimal growing conditions which promote their naturally occurring growth without using chemicals, hormones or medicines. Our fish include the S.A.F.E. elements of Sustainable, All Natural, Free of Chemicals and Eco-Friendly. The S.A.F.E. certification encourages customers to look for this label, while also enabling DyneAquaculture to be a leader in the industry, motivating others to follow suit.

Our fish are proudly raised in the USA with location, date and time stamped on the label. We hold ourselves to a higher standard so that our fish are high end and top-quality, where you can taste the difference!



Nothing in our process is wasted. The fish and water waste components are used to make organic fertilizer along with other products. 100% recirculating systems use less water and energy. We are doing all we can to keep the salmon where they belong, in the ocean.


Our fish are fed high-quality, Non GMO (genetically modified organisms) ingredients. They are also free of growth hormones.


Our fish are free of any chemicals, additives or antibiotics, thus creating healthier, tastier products.


We are eco-friendly in our practices. We responsibly raise our fish without pollution, contaminates, antibiotics, parasites, or endangering wildlife. Our systems also allow for a low carbon footprint.