Our strength is in our leadership, breadth and depth of experience, and having successfully executed very large scale projects. We know how to “do big” and do it well.


Founder, Co-Chairman & Co-CEO

Mr. John Bickel has direct experience in all aspects of existing and start-up manufacturing. While at Corning Inc., Mr. Bickel was involved in the scaling of the global fiber optics business. He also started Corning’s photonics division (fiber optics connectors) and grew it from benchtop to a $300M business with $35M bottom line contribution in four years.

Subsequent to his tenure at Corning, Mr. Bickel served as the Chief Operating Officer for The Emerging Technologies Group (ETG), later acquired by ManTech Technologies. ETG engaged in the provision of computer forensics services in the United States.

Mr. Bickel graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point with a degree in engineering where he also taught as an assistant professor in electrical engineering. He has a Masters in EE from Georgia Tech and an MBA from Long Island University.


Co-Chairman & Co-CEO

Mr. James Rohr built a distinguished career in technical sales, and distribution of automated assembly equipment for domestic and international clients of Ingersoll-Rand. Later, as a Chicago Pneumatic brand manager, he was responsible for redesigning their sales, and distribution systems incorporating just-in-time processes generating significant sales increases.

As a division president and board member for a specialty concrete forming firm, Mr. Rohr negotiated and managed their acquisition by, and merger into, an industry leading competitor. In 1978, he became an equity partner and later sole owner of a hospitality management and consulting firm. Over 15 years, Mr. Rohr managed four resort hotels under contract, completed several design-build projects, and acquired and managed another 19 hotels and 33 restaurants. His company was responsible for the design of Hilton Hotels Resorts Reservation System.

Since “retirement,” Mr. Rohr has managed the start-up, acquisition, restructuring, and financing of several technology-related businesses. Mr. Rohr holds a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Montevallo.


Director, Corporate Finance

Mr. G. Mark Loreto has more than 40 years of experience in commercial banking, finance and development, commercial real estate acquisition and corporate law.  Mr. Loreto is a co-founder of Princeton Capital LLC, a company formed to lead an investment group in the acquisition of community banks. He started and managed the US real estate operation for Japan’s largest finance company, ORIX.

Mr. Loreto was a senior associate of Morgan Stanley Realty Incorporated, practiced corporate and real estate law with the law firm of Davis, Polk & Wardwell and was a commercial bank lending officer of Morgan Guaranty Trust Company.

Mr. Loreto received a BA degree in Chemistry from The Johns Hopkins University, an MBA degree in Finance from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a Juris Doctor degree from New York Law School. He is admitted to the bars of the States of New York and New Jersey, to various U.S. District Courts and to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Mr. Loreto is a Lt Col in the New Jersey Wing, Civil Air Patrol, the auxiliary of the United States Air Force, having served as a mission pilot and currently as squadron commander.


Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Kevin Purcell has more than 25 years of industry experience including senior financial positions as CFO, Controller and Director for multiple public and private companies. Mr. Purcell also served for a number of years as a management consultant at KPMG. He has extensive financial management experience in domestic and international operations.

Mr. Purcell is a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Management Accountant. He received his BBA in Financial Accounting from Iona College and his MBA degree from Pepperdine University.


Vice President, Strategic Planning and Marketing

Mr. Jim Marstiller worked for Nestle-Purina Pet Foods for 22 years, serving in several roles of increasing responsibility in R&D, brand management and global business development. Initially, Mr. Marstiller served in applied R&D for pet food formulation, performance and manufacturing.

Following R&D, Mr. Marstiller joined the Purina marketing department where he managed several leading pet food brands having responsibility for market research, consumer demand, positioning, communications, pricing, advertising, promotion and the P&L.

Subsequent to brand management, Mr. Marstiller held senior positions in both U.S. and global customer development. Post Nestle-Purina, he performed consumer demand-related consulting work for multiple Fortune 500 companies including Gillette, Safeway, Brown-Forman and Nestle as well as start-ups and mid-sized manufacturing companies.

Mr. Marstiller received his MS in Food Science and Nutrition from the University of Missouri and his MBA from St. Louis University.



More than 100 years of experience successfully raising high-value seafood efficiently, profitably and safely.


Director, Salmon Operations, Natchez Facility

Mr. Block has 18 years of experience of successfully designing, implementing, consulting, and operating intensive aquaculture systems. His breadth of work includes recirculating aquaculture systems for cold-water salmonids and warm water species ranging from tilapia to Australian red claw lobster. Mr. Block is highly experienced in all phases of aquaculture management including hatching, grow-out, harvesting, automated processing, and cold storage.

He has consistently and successfully reduced critical control points and increased efficiency and biosecurity through process and equipment optimization. Mr. Block is an experienced general manager with a track record of successful P&L management and goal delivery. He has the proven ability to work efficiently with vendors, government compliance organizations, employees, and industry-leading clients Whole Foods. Mr. Block also has developed and implemented the manuals, guidelines, and protocols necessary to build high-performing operating teams. Mr. Block received his B.S. in Agriculture Business Management from Michigan State University.


Owner’s Representative & Processing

Mr. Harris has more than 35 years of experience in the food industry. His career began in poultry production, quality control and marketing (Tyson and Perdue) and continued through seafood via aquaculture. Mr. Harris was an early pioneer in the commercial development of recirculating aquaculture systems for high value ocean fish and shellfish working with Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, among others.

He successfully applied the best practices and biosecurity protocols learned from the poultry industry to aquaculture where his operations remained disease-free when the balance of the industry at that time did not. Mr. Harris has successfully, and profitably, managed vertically integrated aquaculture operations which had RAS facilities as their core technology. He is highly experienced in the areas of quality control, cost control, processing, logistics, personnel management, and aquaculture operations.

Mr. Harris graduated from Mississippi State University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science from the School of Agriculture.


Director, Veterinary Science and Biosecurity

Dr. Kennedy is a practicing veterinarian with more than 20 years of experience in exotic animal, small animal, and marine animal medicine. She is a recognized authority on biosecurity which includes the fields of marine epidemiology and infectious diseases. Dr. Kennedy has also served as consulting veterinarian for several marine aquafarms.

Her work spanned biosecurity and emergency epidemic control, breeding management, proactive hatchery health, plant–design, risk mitigation, and farm-specific probiotic development, implementation, and testing. Dr. Kennedy was also a consulting marine veterinarian and faculty advisor for eight years to the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute Fish Biology Department.

She is widely published in fish health and has taught courses in hatchery management, disease control treatment, and the microbial management of marine fish culture systems. Dr. Kennedy received her B.A. and M.S. in Marine Biology from Boston University, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. She received her D.V.M. from University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI.


Director, Marine Science

For more than 40 years, Dr. Tucker has been considered one of the world’s authorities on marine fish culture.  He raised and conducted research on 40 kinds of fish in several countries.  His work has been instrumental in the development of all aspects of aquaculture including reproduction, life stages, nutrition, environmental quality, toxicology, health, and applied engineering.

Dr. Tucker developed procedures for the spawning of many new species of ocean fish.  He also established new methods for culture of phytoplankton and zooplankton (food for larvae), formulated and tested feeds for seven fish species, and created systems for the prevention of fish diseases.

Dr. Tucker is a renowned author, having published 80 scientific articles and book chapters, and the 760-page book Marine Fish Culture, which has been sold in more than 100 countries.

He has a B.S. in forestry from Clemson University, an M.S. in zoology from N.C. State University, and a Ph.D. in marine science from the Virginia Institute of Marine Science at the College of William and Mary.  He taught courses at nine universities and lectured in 19 countries.



Global experts in designing, building, managing and maintaining recirculating aquaculture systems for Atlantic salmon from egg through harvest.


Consultant, Project Construction & Water Technologies

Mr. Blumenschein has worked for Veolia, the global leader in water technologies, for more than 35 years. He has developed many solutions for large scale water technology projects around the world. These span a variety of industrial applications including the biological treatment of contaminated wastewaters for the oil and gas, and food processing industries, as well as advanced treatment technologies for water and wastewater recycle systems.

Mr. Blumenschein is the global water technology authority on concentric circle recirculating aquaculture systems. This has been his focus the past five years. He has published and presented more than 40 papers on a variety of topics pertaining to water and wastewater treatment and holds fourteen U.S. patents. Mr. Blumenschein has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering degree and a Master of Environmental Engineering degree from the University of Pittsburgh.


Consultant, RAS Facility Operations

Mr. Hofmann has 15 years of marine fisheries operating experience, including 8 years raising Atlantic salmon, in state-of-the-industry RAS facilities. Mr. Hofmann was the operations manager of Swiss Lachs (Lostallo, Switzerland) from 2015-2019 where he was integral with the planning, design, and construction of the world’s first commercial-scale, concentric circle RAS grow-out unit (and its hatchery).

Also, while at Swiss Lachs, he hired and trained his operating staff and the hatchery manager. Mr. Hofmann is currently employed by Veolia where he is responsible for assisting new operations, like the Dyne facility in Natchez, successfully get up and running. Mr. Hofmann has a Bachelor of Science in Marine and Environmental Science from Murdoch University in Perth Australia and graduate diplomas in Marine Hatchery Management and Marine Engineering from TAFE, also in Australia.


Consultant, Salmon Hatchery Industry Expert

Mr. Holder has more than 40 years of experience designing and building Atlantic salmon hatcheries around the world. He has been influential in transforming the industry from flow through hatcheries to recirculation facilities. His work ranges from simple aquaculture systems to the most advanced fish hatchery systems in the world. Mr. Holder has designed and built salmon hatcheries in five continents.

He has designed hatcheries for Atlantic salmon, Coho salmon, Chinook salmon, steelhead, rainbow trout, tuna, Hawaiian yellowtail (Kampachi), grouper, barramundi, sturgeon, tilapia, and white legged shrimp. John is now actively managing his company, JLH Consulting, as well as supporting Global Recirc Technologies (South Africa), doing contract design work for clients all over the world. Mr. Holder received his B.S. in Fisheries and Marine Biology from the University of Guelph (Toronto, Canada).


Consultant, Salmon Operations

Mr. Picard has 29 years of experience designing, permitting, building and operating progressive aquaculture facilities. His work spans four continents and multiple species, including Atlantic salmon. Mr. Picard has designed, owned and operated intensive recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS). He is highly experienced in all aspects of marine and freshwater aquaculture including spawning, hatching, rearing, grow out, harvesting and water treatment.

Mr. Picard is a seasoned manager and systems integrator. His proficiencies include production cycle time reduction through the standardization of procedures and the development and implementation of production protocols. He has developed and successfully implemented the training skills necessary to build operating team talent and depth. Mr. Picard is a proven leader with a strong reputation for getting things done. He is an early adopter of new technologies including those with an emphasis on environmentally responsible practices. Mr. Picard received his B.S. in Fisheries Science and Aquaculture from Mississippi State University.


Consultant, RAS Operations and Management

Mr. Moir has more than 40 years of experience successfully modeling, building, and managing marine species aquaculture operations around the world. His range of experience and consulting work spans cost modeling, business planning, production planning, operations personnel training and biology. Mr. Moir has consulted on Atlantic salmon RAS projects on four continents.

He has served as an advisor for an international aquaculture equity investment fund, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, Veolia Water Technologies Aquaculture Group, and more than 20 marine aquaculture ventures.

Mr. Moir has a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology and a Master of Science in Cell Biology from Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada. He has a Master of Science in Aquaculture and Fisheries Management from the University of Stirling, Scotland.



DyneAqua is a technology-driven business. At its core is a cutting-edge recirculating aquaculture systems facility based on a patented process owned by Veolia, the global leader in water technologies.



DyneAqua has been working for years with its partners in feed production, aquaculture technology, seafood distribution and construction to create a superior model of efficiency.



Atlantic salmon is the most popular and fastest growing seafood in the US. It is also part of a small group of foods that are universally accepted by nutrition experts as being good for you.



Our approach to sustainability runs throughout a vertically integrated platform. It begins with aquafeed production and continues through the distribution of locally harvested salmon.